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You are at the blog where you'll find some everyday positive inspirations along with useful tools and techniques. The Law of Attraction is described in countless books and movies. Our team loves to practice visualization, meditation and cosmic energy techniques. And we’ll be more than happy to share the most interesting thoughts and techniques with our friends. There is nothing supernatural! And you’ll see how easy they are to apply to your life. We all are still learning and sharing what’s new.

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7 Phrases invigorating better than a cup of coffee

7 Phrases  better than coffeeWherever you go, go with all your heart.
 ~ Confucius

It’s said that the sea is endless. From a geographical point of view, it is certainly not true. However, when you peer for a moment all doubts vanish away immediately. The view of endless horizon seems so vast and far. There is nothing better than to spend a day at sea. You can have fun and swim with family and friends. And sometimes it’s just nice to walk alone and feel the peace of waves sound. Sea or ocean always cheers you up, clears the mind and soul.

Walking on the beach is like these seven simple phrases that invigorate better than a cup of coffee:

1.  If you want to be happy – let yourself be happy... no matter what. J
2. Most good teacher in our lives is experience. It charges expensive though, but explains things lucidly.

3. When everything goes wrong – don’t go that way.

4. Any time wasted with pleasure, is not considered wasted.

5. When someone swears at you, angry or offended with you, then crush them you’re your positive.

6. Thanks to people who came into my life and made it beautiful. And yet, thanks to the people who left it, and made it even better.

7. I know that happiness can’t be bought. But you can buy a private yacht boat and try to swim up close to it.

When you walk on the beach looking into the line of horizon… Remember, you have to keep going no matter what, because there are those who will be delighted with your fail.