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A Dream is more powerful than the reality

The future - this is what we dream of, 
For a dream is what we can achieve.

Today I really needed to get some inspiration. So I just started to think about the nature of our dreams and where is the power hidden to bring them to our reality. Hope you’ll like this post though it is a little bit too long. And as usual your comments are welcomed!

A dream is more powerful than a reality. It is famous aphorism about a Dream. A Dream is the reality represented by itself. Whoever is dreaming is a predecessor of a thinker. A Dream is our sense of the future. It overtakes the time. At first dreams seem to be impossible, then it becomes ghostly, and then just inevitable. Dreams do build the reality.

A Dream is one of the main topics of the  romantic literature and movies.  A Dream is a wish, an idealized goal promising happiness. A desire can be of any kind. Such as: to start making money, then make money with money, and finally, to make big money using a lot of money. Or such as to become a billionaire while being a millionaire. But every true desire has to be brought to a quality result.
Dreams, dreams ... Where is your sponsor!? This question is eternal. But the good news is that we have such a "Sponsor" ! When you want something very much the Universe helps you achieve it. I believe that every dream is given together with the forces necessary for its implementation. No Dream is given separately from the power, allowing to manifest it.

And if you wish to have something what you never had, you must start doing what you have never done before. The realization of a Dream takes patience and ambition. Even if there is a huge goal in front of you and your possibilities are limited, you should still keep acting. Because your possibilities may grow only through your actions. Of course it’ll take to work hard to change something and to have a strong faith in your own strength. There is always room at the top for those who dream about something great and doesn’t doubt in his or her courage.
The true tool to change the world is the faith. The faith is able to discover a power in a man or woman, which he or she did not even know about, and any dreams just come true. Our dreams are to be what we are able achieve.

Dreams give the world interest and meaning. The greatest meaning of human life is to achieve the performance of the Dream.
Dream is our weapon: it’s hard to live without a dream and it's hard to win. After all, if you take away a human's ability to dream there will be no longer one of the most powerful motives that is the source of culture, art, science and the desire to fight in the name of a wonderful future. And a human must keep dreaming, otherwise he will lose the ability to think, understand, invent, he’ll almost lose his mind. A Dream is a vital necessity.

Only those are alive whose heart is devoted to a high dream. Life would be frozen at one point if a man hadn’t dreamed of and not aspired to his dream. Life is the movement itself. It’s time for our wildest dreams to come true! When we no longer can dream, then we die.

If we mix up all the dreams, we’ll get our reality. After all, the dream may be not only the individual, but also social groups and social classes have their own dreams. People by joining together can make tremendous projects and achieve the change of their own destiny and the destiny of  the whole world. This phenomenon goes deep into the evolution of the mankind. Everything that one man can create in the imagination, others will be able to implement. Where will the dreams of our generation lead us? This question should be answered by each of us. A Dream is needed to be managed as well, otherwise it will be like a ship without a rudder driven to God knows where.

Ideas are often used to take control the dreams of the others. A Dream appears to be an ideological clichés used in propaganda, such as "the dream of a freedom", "the dream of a brighter future," "the American Dream”.The Ideas are a kind of program of our lives that guides us on the path of life.

If you haven’t got closer to your dream, at least for an inch, you should stop and identify your life path. You should understand the idea that is ​​driving you and direct your further development to the area of your dreams and it’s energy-informational essence. Personal development of an individual has to be in the direction of his or her dreams. Visualization, the Law of Attraction and the Energy-informational development as a process has a goal to bring the person to the world of his dreams and helps to find and manifest them the easiest possible way.

We must learn to keep our desires for the future, for our loved ones, to find a "smell" of our dreams and attract a confident calmness. And we must dream as much as possible and as hard as possible, to draw the future into the present time. This is the power and strength of a Dream. Only a person with a dream can become truly happy. After all, a manifested dream is when an individual lives in harmony and not only for himself. Never lose the smell of your happiness and follow it!

Thank you for being with me! Please leave your comments below 
and don't forget to LOVE. PLAY. LIVE!