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What should be kept in secret? - Eastern sages advice

There’s a saying that if you want to ruin a dream – tell about it everybody. 
How many times have you noticed that after you tell anybody about your plans - they literally broke apart soon? 
It doesn’t mean that your friends or family don’t wish you any good.
Everybody has different vibes and own vision. And when you share your dreams to someone, that person adds own emotions and thoughts to it. More people know and think about your dream – more modified its image becomes. And it’s not your visualized image anymore and it needs more energy to make it happen the way you meant it in the beginning. This simple secret helps to make the Law of Attraction work better for us and enhance our visualization results.

Here are main 7 areas of our life which eastern sages advise us not to tell anybody about:

1. Sages say that the first thing which must be kept in secret is your far-reaching plan. Keep quiet until this plan is accomplished. All our ideas are not only imperfect- they have a huge number of weak points which are very easy to hit and destroy everything.

2. The second wise recommendation is  not to share the secret of your charity. Good deal is a rarity in this world, and that’s why you should treasure it. Do not crack up yourself for good deeds. Pride immediately sees and takes away all the good that has come as a result of this charity.

3. The third thing is your austerity. Do not tell everybody about your limitations in eating, sleeping, sexual intercourse and so on. A physical asceticism benefits you only if it is combined with an emotional component.

4. Fourth, what should be quiet - it's about your courage and heroism. Someone gets tested by External circumstances and someone – by the inner ones. External tests are seen, so people get awards for them. However no one notices overcoming of an internal testing. And therefore there are no awards for them.

5. Fifth, it’s better to be quiet also about personal spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge has different levels, and should be disclosed only when you achieve a certain level of consciousness purity. The main mistake of a novice medium of truth is the willingness to share too high spiritual knowledge. Which may confuse people around or even frighten rather than just bring some good.
6. Sixth, do not talk about any of your conflicts at home or about your family life in general. Remember, less you talk about problems in your family, then it becomes stronger and more stable. A quarrel is just a process of getting rid of the negative energy that has accumulated in the time of communication.

7. The seventh, which is not worth talking about, it's about the ugly words heard from someone. You may dirty your boots in the street, and it is possible to stain your mind. There is no difference between a man who came home and told all the foolish things he heard during the day and a man who didn’t take off his shoes after entering.

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