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You are at the blog where you'll find some everyday positive inspirations along with useful tools and techniques. The Law of Attraction is described in countless books and movies. Our team loves to practice visualization, meditation and cosmic energy techniques. And we’ll be more than happy to share the most interesting thoughts and techniques with our friends. There is nothing supernatural! And you’ll see how easy they are to apply to your life. We all are still learning and sharing what’s new.

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Time and happiness -what’s in common?

Last couple days I was thinking a lot about the time and my attitude to the memories and plans for future. And I found myself absolutely absent from the current moment. I felt like those thoughts are truly bringing me somewhere far from the moment and taking away the sense of happiness.
Happiness is here and now. This current moment is essentially everything we have. The present becomes our own history too fast. Then, as time passes, you will perceive these events differently as if it all happened not with you at all. That is why it is so important to enjoy the current moment, because it will never happen again.

Time passes, and it’s better not to procrastinate. You may lose too much by only planning, but not doing anything. Action is the key to happiness.
Keep doing whatever it takes! Take everything you can get out of each minute of every day and don’t lose a single drop of precious time, which we are meted out not so much.
Do not look for favorable circumstances, it is much better to learn how to create your own.
In the end, it can take a long time waiting for some ideally perfect moment, and it is unlikely such time even exists. In this case it is best to temper perfectionism and allow yourself to just be and loosen the total control of the situation. This will help enjoy life more. I heard a quote by the German poet Johann Goethe "consciousness of our imperfection takes us closer to perfection".
These words didn’t lose its value over the time.

Do not waste your time and energy on caring about what other people think about you. It doesn’t lead you to anything good. It’s better to devote more time to develop your own unique skills and abilities. Knowing the fact that someone doesn’t like you will not make you any happier.

Just try to like yourself, choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, eat food which doesn’t cause you any sense of shame or disgust after eating, read the books that interest you from the first to the last page, watch those movies that capture and hold the entire session, go to work where the number of pluses outweigh the number of cons, study the classes where your heart  starts beating with pleasant anticipation, live in the city where you enjoy looking at the buildings and nature, be with the people that inspire you with joy and share their care and attention, appreciate yourself and your time!
Nobody's opinion should ever change your self-image for the worse. Who can know more about you than you yourself? When something disappointing or strange happens, it is useful to look at ourselves from the outside, detached, as if from a distance, regardless of what is happening.

It is difficult to see only positive staff everywhere; however it’s truly worth at least trying.
Surround yourself with nice looking things, listen to music you enjoy which makes you feel relaxed or empowered. Clear your desk off clutter so you can start doing things easier. And remember, there is always something good even in the worst person. If you wish, you can find something good in any poor situation.

Be friendly and smile more. Look for reasons to smile, or smile for no reason. In the end, the outer smile turns into the inner one, which will bring peace and happiness. Remember - happy people laugh a lot! Troubles come and go, they do not last forever. So does it worth to pay so much of your attention? Maybe it's better to convert them into light and joyful thoughts that will dispel all the shadows. Remember the good and forget the bad. Raise yourself up, and happiness is not long to wait!

Love. Play. Live!