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Where all our problems come from...~wisdom by Osho

Today I would like to share some more wonderful ideas of Osho regarding our problems. It made me think deeply about the roots of my problems after reading it. And to be honest, I still didn't get all his ideas... But it helps me to change my attitude towards problems and find peace. Hopefully it will help my friends and readers to overcome some difficulties or don’t take them seriously. 

And here’s what Osho said:

Thousands of people told me about their problems and yet I haven’t met any real one! All the problems are false – you are creating them, cause you feel empty without your problems. When you don’t have any problems there’s nothing to do, no one to fight with and nowhere to go. People are visiting one guru after another, one master after another, one psychotherapist after another, one group after another… because they when they are not doing it, they feel empty and all of a sudden their life seems to be meaningless. You are creating problems in order to feel that the life is a hard work, growth and an uphill battle.

Have you ever asked yourself the main question: Are there real problems or you are creating them yourself and you are used to have them so much that can’t help living without them – will you feel lonely without them? You agree to be unhappy rather than to be empty. People are bragging about their misfortunes just not to allow the emptiness inside.

You are feeding your misfortunes yourself. See. When a problem disappears, pay attention how another current problem finds a place right away. This situation is reminding a snake which gets rid of its old skin, but always stays there itself.

As soon as you solve one problem, there’s another after it. And if you look at it more attentively, you’ll notice that the second problem has exactly same nature that the previous had. Start solving it and there’ll be the third one waiting its turn already.

Please, take a look at what you are doing and what nonsense you are busy with. You create a problem first and then you start a major research to find a solution. The solution of a problem is situated at its beginning, right where you are just creating it – so stop creating it! You don’t have any problems – it’s all you need to understand.

When you are not enough of your own problems, then you start thinking about humanity, destinies of the world – socialism, communism and other nonsense. You start thinking about the world as if it depends on your advice.

I don’t care about your problems. There are millions of them and there is no point in trying to solve them – because you are the creator. I will solve your problem and you’ll create ten more.

I’ll put your problems aside and reach you. Their creator should change first and the problems will disappear from the area around.

Remember this carefully: you enjoy cherishing your problems, because you are creating them. There are many reasons why you enjoy it.

The whole humanity is sick. There are some basic motivations behind it, main reasons why we lose track of it. When a child is sick, he gets all the attention. When he’s healthy, no one cares about him.

Attention is energy. When someone looks at you with love, he feeds you with an ethereal food. Every child needs attention, however you get it only when you get sick, when there’s a some kind of problem. That’s why when a chilkd feels a lack of attention, he comes up with a problem and creates it himself.

Love is the basic need. As your body is fed by food, so is your soul fed by love.  But you can get more love only when you are sick, when something happens to you… otherwise no one will even think to give it to you. A child learns it from you and thereafter starts creating problems as well. He understands that everybody will rush to him as soon as any disease or other problem shows up.