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You are at the blog where you'll find some everyday positive inspirations along with useful tools and techniques. The Law of Attraction is described in countless books and movies. Our team loves to practice visualization, meditation and cosmic energy techniques. And we’ll be more than happy to share the most interesting thoughts and techniques with our friends. There is nothing supernatural! And you’ll see how easy they are to apply to your life. We all are still learning and sharing what’s new.

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How to do visualization of your goals the right way

Visualization is a very powerful process which can you help you to manifest everything you have intention to have. It’s important to know though, how to visualize the right way.

Here are some basic niceties and recommendations:

1. Make sure you proceed to dream fulfillment practice at the right time. Creative visualization is better to be done when you are truly relaxed and feel positive. It’s a good idea to take a hot bath especially at night time, then turn on relaxing music in your headphones and meditate 5 minutes or more. Unfortunately in our fast-paced world it’s hard to be done… However you can at least try to meditate before your visualization. I prefer to use binaural sounds for faster deepening.
2.  Start visualizing what you want only after your feelings and emotions are 100% positive and your body is fully relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine a movie about what you are intended to obtain.
  Here's a tip:
For some people this step is really hard to understand. Let’s say you want to imagine yourself on the beach. You should start building your mental image with tactile sensations. Feel the warmth and a light breeze. Then continue with aural sensations – hear seagulls, sound of waves, kids laughter… Then go to visual images. See the beach and sea, watch people sunbathing. Swimming, laughing, making sand castles. See the sun and blue sky, waves… Now imagine yourself inside that picture with all the described sensations. You are walking along the beach and doing whatever makes you happy.

3. Practice visualization for a long period of time. It’s useless when you do it just several days or not on a regular basis. It has to be done at least once a day.
4.  Feel yourself good and don’t get bounded to your goals during the day. Just feel like you’ve already got it all accomplished. Take away the expectations and doubts.

How long do we need to do visualization?
Well, it depends on how big is the goal. When you just want to find some kind of particular shirt, then it’ll take couple days. When you desire a new home or job promotion or any other big goal, then it may take up to several months.

What’s the right way to visualize, tips and warnings:
- Always start with something small and plausible. After you really start believing in the power of thoughts you may go t more important things. It may take some time.
Do your best to find time for your 10-20 minutes visualization at night.
Don’t give up when something you want doesn’t show up in several days or even months. Your goal is being achieved when you are doing all the steps.
Do not doubt, the Law of Attraction is working even if don’t see any signs of getting what you want. It takes time to manifest your dreams.
- Remember, if you have very strong doubts regarding achieving a goal, then you have to get rid of them. Because those doubts will counteract your mental work.
Remember, you are not able to attract your goal when you consider it to be impossible.
It’s necessary to input a feeling of ownership. You are already feeling positive emotions that your dream has already fulfilled. And yet still have a feeling that you are on the way to it and all the Universe does it best to make it happen.

- It’s necessary to include yourself into the mental movie. You are not a spectator, but an active participant in the process of visualization.

Happy visualizations to you! Love.Play.Live!