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You are at the blog where you'll find some everyday positive inspirations along with useful tools and techniques. The Law of Attraction is described in countless books and movies. Our team loves to practice visualization, meditation and cosmic energy techniques. And we’ll be more than happy to share the most interesting thoughts and techniques with our friends. There is nothing supernatural! And you’ll see how easy they are to apply to your life. We all are still learning and sharing what’s new.

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How to overcome a crisis and unleash the power of intention?

A crisis happens in everybody’s life. In such moments it feels like you are in a kind of a dead end with no outlet. It not interesting anymore to live the old way and anything new just doesn’t work. Even if you’ve achieved some results – you have a successful career or happy family, relations with beloved person or an interesting business – a sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness can still occur.  You want something bigger. You want to move up to a new level of development, life, business, relationship, hobbies. However it’s not clear how to get there.
If you have knowledge, resources, achievements, but you feel lack of energy, your life turned into a trivial round, and you don’t understand where to go next and what to aspire to or what goals to set – then you are lacking the power of intention. The energy of intention gives us power and ability to do active steps. It doesn’t let you be indifferent, live inertly and joylessly look at the world. The energy of intention paints the world into bright colors and drives us to search and find, admire and be surprised, move us towards something new and unexplored.
When we stop going forward, we don’t just stop in our development, but roll back, cause nothing stays still in the nature.
You think that you don’t have any energy or possibilities to change your life? In fact it’s nor right! The energy is surrounding us, it’s given to us by Universe, you just need to feel it’s flow, step into it and fill yourself with power and light.
However, when perceiving and getting the energy of Universe, you need to grasp your true wishes and recognize your genuine goals. Otherwise you’ll waste the energy for nothing  - for manifesting of imposed wishes, striving for other’s values and taking over other’s responsibilities. Yes, often we take over other people responsibilities and limitations which don’t let us see all the world’s beauty and make our life grey, boring and joyless. We get drowned in everyday routine things-to-do which accumulate like a snowball. We are constantly worried about future and doubt in our own capabilities which takes away our life energy.
So what activates the Energy of Intention? Goal setting! And a Dream helps us to find a goal. And it’s important to understand that a Dream is not a momentary selfish desires or some thoughts far from reality. A Dream is a kid of Grand Idea which will bring the world benefits and goodness.
Even if you feel that you don’t want or desire anything there a Dream in your life for sure.  Probably, you don’t see it clearly or afraid to think about it due to fear of fail… And once you release your fears and stop looking for reasons why your Dream can’t come true – then you’ll feel wings behind your back and your energy level will raise. When it’s your true Dream, you are not afraid of any difficulties nor barriers. You’ll find the possibilities and resources to overcome them and everyday you’ll notice how Universe is helping you with it.
It’s very important for your Dream achievement to set interim goals. That will help you not to lose the sense of reality and see the progress.  When you turn your goal into a strong intention, you’ll get exactly what you want faster, easier and more effective. Use the power of your mind to do visualization and enjoy manifesting.  
Happy manifesting and don’t forget to Love.Play.Live!

Where all our problems come from...~wisdom by Osho

Today I would like to share some more wonderful ideas of Osho regarding our problems. It made me think deeply about the roots of my problems after reading it. And to be honest, I still didn't get all his ideas... But it helps me to change my attitude towards problems and find peace. Hopefully it will help my friends and readers to overcome some difficulties or don’t take them seriously. 

How to make your life better - in 1 second

1 second... That’s exactly how much time you need to start feeling better and bring a little bit more joy into your life. Don’t believe it? Then simply try to do at least one step from the list below and see yourself.
1. Smile
This is the easiest way to make your life happier. People in  big cities are so stressed out and always busy that most of the time are walking with gloomy faces. Let yourself stand out of that gloomy crowd.  One smile can help you feel better right now. And what even better it can be contagious. J
2. A deep breath
A deep breath is one of the best methods to reduce stress and bring balance back. And it literally takes you only a second. Everyday take a short break and try to focus on your breath. And you’ll feel how your life is getting less stressful.
3. Turn off your phone
We are leaving among people who are constantly staring into the screens of smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs and other technical wonders. However it’s different when you just use these gadgets or when they start taking control over your life. Turn off your devices (it’ll take about a second) and stay alone with yourself. You’ll be surprised of what you see.
 4. Look around
Life is passing by so fast that we often don’t get enough of the moments of beauty. Although these moments truly make our life amazing. Take couple seconds and come up to the window and see the colors of spring trees, look up into the depth of the sky… Observe a sunset or a morning sunrise. Look around and say thanks for everything you see in your life. It will make you happier in couple seconds.
5. Take a sip of water
There’s nothing new in knowing how positively water affects our body. Try to keep a bottle of water nearby whenever you go and take your sips as often as possible. It will help you normalize tour water balance and weight, clear your kidneys and support your skin beauty.
6. Express gratitude
Happy people have one thing in common: they are grateful for everything good they have in their life. It means, in order to make your life better don’t hesitate to say thanks more often. I’ll take no more than a second, however it’ll make happier you and people around as well.
7. Stretch yourself
The most simple way to feel better momentarily is to start taking care of your body. Spend several seconds on stretching. Strain and relax your muscles. In the conditions of constant monotonous sitting at the computer even such a second exercise will benefit you considerably.
As sages say, a thousand miles road start with one step. Obviously, these “second methods” are not able to solve all your problems…  However don’t forget that every day consists of 86.400 seconds and it’s only up to you how many of them will be spent the right way. And of course you already know that when you are happy - your vibes are high and the Law of Attraction works better for your. Happier state always helps you with manifesting your dreams and goals.
Wish you lots of happy seconds, moments and days and more … Love.Play.Live!

How to do visualization of your goals the right way

Visualization is a very powerful process which can you help you to manifest everything you have intention to have. It’s important to know though, how to visualize the right way.

Here are some basic niceties and recommendations:

1. Make sure you proceed to dream fulfillment practice at the right time. Creative visualization is better to be done when you are truly relaxed and feel positive. It’s a good idea to take a hot bath especially at night time, then turn on relaxing music in your headphones and meditate 5 minutes or more. Unfortunately in our fast-paced world it’s hard to be done… However you can at least try to meditate before your visualization. I prefer to use binaural sounds for faster deepening.
2.  Start visualizing what you want only after your feelings and emotions are 100% positive and your body is fully relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine a movie about what you are intended to obtain.
  Here's a tip:
For some people this step is really hard to understand. Let’s say you want to imagine yourself on the beach. You should start building your mental image with tactile sensations. Feel the warmth and a light breeze. Then continue with aural sensations – hear seagulls, sound of waves, kids laughter… Then go to visual images. See the beach and sea, watch people sunbathing. Swimming, laughing, making sand castles. See the sun and blue sky, waves… Now imagine yourself inside that picture with all the described sensations. You are walking along the beach and doing whatever makes you happy.

3. Practice visualization for a long period of time. It’s useless when you do it just several days or not on a regular basis. It has to be done at least once a day.
4.  Feel yourself good and don’t get bounded to your goals during the day. Just feel like you’ve already got it all accomplished. Take away the expectations and doubts.

How long do we need to do visualization?
Well, it depends on how big is the goal. When you just want to find some kind of particular shirt, then it’ll take couple days. When you desire a new home or job promotion or any other big goal, then it may take up to several months.

What’s the right way to visualize, tips and warnings:
- Always start with something small and plausible. After you really start believing in the power of thoughts you may go t more important things. It may take some time.
Do your best to find time for your 10-20 minutes visualization at night.
Don’t give up when something you want doesn’t show up in several days or even months. Your goal is being achieved when you are doing all the steps.
Do not doubt, the Law of Attraction is working even if don’t see any signs of getting what you want. It takes time to manifest your dreams.
- Remember, if you have very strong doubts regarding achieving a goal, then you have to get rid of them. Because those doubts will counteract your mental work.
Remember, you are not able to attract your goal when you consider it to be impossible.
It’s necessary to input a feeling of ownership. You are already feeling positive emotions that your dream has already fulfilled. And yet still have a feeling that you are on the way to it and all the Universe does it best to make it happen.

- It’s necessary to include yourself into the mental movie. You are not a spectator, but an active participant in the process of visualization.

Happy visualizations to you! Love.Play.Live! 

What should be kept in secret? - Eastern sages advice

There’s a saying that if you want to ruin a dream – tell about it everybody. 
How many times have you noticed that after you tell anybody about your plans - they literally broke apart soon? 
It doesn’t mean that your friends or family don’t wish you any good.

TOP 10 Best Advice ~ by Osho

I read these tips when I need to awaken and move forward without doubts or fears. Our fears are truly our biggest enemy… Sometimes they are the main reason for procrastinating the most important things in life…

Time and happiness -what’s in common?

Last couple days I was thinking a lot about the time and my attitude to the memories and plans for future. And I found myself absolutely absent from the current moment. I felt like those thoughts are truly bringing me somewhere far from the moment and taking away the sense of happiness.
Happiness is here and now. This current moment is essentially everything we have. The present becomes our own history too fast. Then, as time passes, you will perceive these events differently as if it all happened not with you at all. That is why it is so important to enjoy the current moment, because it will never happen again.